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Ku soo dhawow Hoyga Dhaqanka Somalida

Ma Ogtahay saaka waxa cusub

ma dhabaa jacayl
hablaha Somalida
Maxaa Cusub
Somali chat qoraal ah
Mucjiso Gabadh ilaahay Badalay
Cilmi Boodhari

I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.

Name of One Pet

Here I'll add information about my first pet. I'll explain what type of animal he is and describe some of his favorite tricks.

A black dog; Size=240 pixels wide

Name of Another Pet

Here I'll add information about another of my pets. Again, I'll talk about how I first got her and then describe some of her habits.

A cat; Size=240 pixels wide

I Love you warsame this is a specail website warsame has been prepared this site welcome with open hands